Careers at Capital Ambulance

As a member of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, all Capital Ambulance job listings are managed through our EMHS Career Center web portal. Our dynamic Career Center allows enhanced search options so that you may search across the EMHS system; target your search to a specific affiliated, region; or search by job category.

Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are skilled in patient assessment, airway management, CPR, automatic external defibrillation, oxygen delivery, dressings and hemorrhage control, splinting, spinal immobilization, childbirth, lifting and moving patients, and extrication. Our EMTs have the opportunity to use their skills in both a routine transport and emergent setting.

Our Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT) have the ground knowledge of our EMTs with additional skills, such as intravenous(IV)  therapy, cardiac monitoring, advance airway placement, and IV medication administration. Our AEMTs use their skills in an emergent setting, as well as interfacility transports.

Our Paramedics are skilled in advanced airway management, 12 lead EKG interpretation, extensive patient assessment, and medication administration. Our medics use these skills in our emergent setting as well as more specialized Paramedic Interfacility Transports (PIFT) 

To search and apply for positions at Capital Ambulance, use the following link and narrow your search to Affiliated Healthcare Systems. All Capital Ambulance positions are listed as Meridian or MMH on the job descriptions.